Why You Should Take Time When Buying A Custom Designed Ring

If you're getting a ring custom made for you, don't rush. When the design is complete on paper, take time to look at the design and imagine wearing the ring a lot. The way you feel can indicate whether the design is ready to go or whether it needs changes.

You Need to See If the Initial Thrill Is Infatuation or Genuine Adoration

Shiny, sparkly jewelry is a lot of fun to see and wear. Like anything new, though, it can give you an initial burst of happiness that fades after a while. It's true that you get used to anything you own and see a little of the glamor wear off over time, but interest in some things fades more than others. You want time to get used to the design and see if it's still something that you're going to love. If not, that calls for adjusting the design to create a ring that still sparkles in your mind even after you get used to seeing the design.

You Need Time to See If The Details Could Create Issues

Have you ever bought a ring that looked exquisite, only to find that one of those elegant swirls around the band kept poking into an adjacent finger, or a part of the design on the crown kept catching on clothing? That is what you need to think about when evaluating the design. Something might look wonderful on paper, but you could realize as you think about it that part of the design could create issues like catching, irritating, and so on. If you realize some of the design could create issues like that, go back to the designer and talk about ways to keep the visual aspect of the design while adjusting the actual shape to eliminate those issues.

You Need Time to See If You're Really Going to Wear the Ring

If you're trying to have a custom ring designed, you could think the idea of being sure you're going to wear the ring is ridiculous. And if you're getting the ring for something like a wedding ring, then it's a good bet you'll be wearing the ring. If you're getting the ring designed because you just want a ring with a particular look, though, then you need to look at how you feel when you think about wearing the ring months and years from now. If you start to think or feel like you might not wear it that often, that can be a sign that there's something in the design that isn't clicking with you. This is when you want to speak with the designer about taking a second look at the design and trying to pinpoint what part of the design may need adjusting. It doesn't mean you shouldn't get the ring, only that your intuition is cluing you in that you should consider a few changes.

A custom-designed ring made especially for you with a one-of-a-kind design is a beautiful gift to yourself. You want it to be perfect, which is why you want to take your time with evaluating the design created by you and the jeweler. Contact a jeweler that makes custom-designed rings to learn more.

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If you're getting a ring custom made for you, don't rush. When the design is complete on paper, take time to look at the design and imagine wearing th