Pieces Of Jewelry For A Dental Professional To Wear

Occasionally wearing pieces of jewelry that relate to your profession can be fun, especially when there are lots of suitable products on the market. If you work in the dental field — as a dentist, a dental hygienist, or even a receptionist at a dental clinic — you might wish to shop for one or more pieces of jewelry that relate to this profession. You might be surprised at just how many dental-themed jewelry pieces are on the market, which will allow you to find something that ties into your sense of style. Here are some pieces of jewelry that can be fun for a dental professional to wear.

Tooth Earrings

A cartoonish tooth shape is a popular sight at many dental clinics. Some clinics use this shape in their signage, while others have framed tooth cartoon strips on the walls to make children smile and put them at ease before their appointments. One type of jewelry that you may wish to buy is a pair of earrings that feature this shape. Tooth earrings are available in lots of different sizes and materials. Many have a fairly sedate appearance; only after carefully looking will a patient notice that your earrings actually depict teeth. For many dental professionals, this can be a subtle, fun type of jewelry to wear.

Dental Accessories Charms

If you visit a jewelry store that carries a large inventory of charms that you can hang from a bracelet or necklace, you might be surprised at just how many charms you can find that relate to the dental industry. If you like the lively look of charm jewelry, you might have fun selecting a number of dental-related charms to put on a new necklace or bracelet or use on one that you already own. Examples can include tiny toothbrushes, packages of dental floss, tubes of toothpaste, and more.

Dentistry Symbol

Anyone in the dental field will be familiar with the dentistry symbol, which appears on all sorts of official documentation from various dental industry governing bodies. This symbol, which you can find as a pendant to hang from a necklace, can be an appealing one for you to wear. While it might not look as fun as other dental jewelry, it's a reminder of the hard work that you've put in to achieve your position. This might be a piece of jewelry that you wear beneath your clothing, where it isn't visible to patients.

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