Tips For Buying An Index Finger Ring

You might frequently wear rings on both of your ring fingers, but be so enamored with jewelry that you're thinking about wearing rings on additional fingers. Your local fine jewelry store carries a large supply of rings that you can wear on as many of your other fingers as you'd like. Some people enjoy wearing a ring on their index finger. If this isn't something you've previously done, it can be fun to browse some products to find the right look. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when you shop for a ring for your index finger.

Minimalist Design

In most cases, it will make sense to choose a ring for your index finger that has a minimalist design. There are a few reasons to take this approach. If you want an index finger ring for your left hand, you likely don't want the new piece of jewelry to visually overpower your wedding ring and/or engagement ring. A minimalist design can augment the overall look of your hand without taking away from your most cherished rings. Additionally, because you use your index finger a lot each day, you might find that a minimalist ring instead of a bulky one is better because it won't get in the way.

Good Match

When many people decide to wear a ring on their index finger, they want a design that will be a good match with the other jewelry they wear on that hand. If you're shopping for a ring for your left index finger, it makes sense to choose something that will suit your wedding ring and engagement ring. For example, if the latter two rings are white gold, you might find that a white gold or silver index finger ring is a better choice than yellow gold.

Slightly Loose Fit

You likely have an idea of how you want your rings to fit, but it's worthwhile to consider going with a slightly looser fit when you buy a ring for your index finger. This is a finger that you bend countless times a day, and a tighter ring may bind a little when you bend your finger fully. When it's a little loose — but not so loose that it could slip off — you'll have more freedom to bend your finger without being aware of the ring. Check out some rings at your local fine jewelry store that you can wear on your index finger.

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