2 Tips for Coming Up With a Design for Custom Wedding Bands

If you have recently gotten engaged, you and your intended may have already begun discussing plans for your wedding. As part of these discussions, you may have decided that you wish to have custom wedding rings made instead of purchasing pre-made ones that do not feel as meaning full or significant to you.

While trying to come up with possible designs, however, you may have hit a roadblock. If so, use the tips below to help you come up with a design so that you and your betrothed can have custom bands made for your marriage.

1.  Think About Special Sayings or Symbols That Mean Something to You Both

One thing that you can think about when trying to come up with a design for your custom rings concerns any special sayings or symbols that have meaning to both you and your intended. While many pre-made bands come with symbols already engraved on them, you may have a meaningful symbol that is not readily found, such as a pair of love birds or a unique design for a love knot.

When coming up with the design, also think about any words you routinely say to each other that you feel represent your relationship. These words can be sentimental, romantic, or even silly. Do not worry about what anyone may think as you and your new spouse will be the ones to see and be touched by the words engraved on your rings.

2.  Consider Your Day-to-Day Lives When Choosing the Metal and Any Jewel Settings

Another thing that you should consider when choosing the metal and settings for the rings is both of your day-to-day lives. What you do with your hands during work hours as well as for recreation can have an impact on how well particular metals or jewel settings will hold up.

If you want to have gold bands inlaid with precious stones but work at a factory, for example, the odds are greater that you could damage your ring at work. Or, if either of your play contact sports, the bands may not be practical if they have stones that are sticking up.

Taking into consideration how you typically use your hands for work and recreation while coming up with meaningful symbolism and/or inscriptions can help you design bands for your and your intended that will represent your lives together while making sure the rings hold up to daily demands for years to come. Speak with a jeweler who offers custom wedding band design services for more tips as well as personalized assistance with designing the rings you will exchange on your big day.

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