Why Gold Buyers Want Your Broken Jewelry

You might have some jewelry you have no intention of repairing, but you may be reluctant to just throw your jewelry out. After all, some of these pieces might have originally been a lot of money or you may not like the idea of giving up on your precious jewelry. Fortunately, a gold buyer may be interested in your broken and junk jewelry, and may be willing to pay you cash for the items you can no longer wear or are too expensive to repair. However, you may wonder why exactly would a gold buyer be interested in broken jewelry? Here are signs you should be taking your broken jewelry to a gold buyer.

You have lots of precious metals in the collection of jewels

If you have jewelry you no longer wear, look at the clasps of any necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and chokers, and look at the backs of your earrings. You're looking for insignias or stamps that verify the gold or silver content of your broken jewelry. Clasps should say the number of karats gold or list silver as sterling, nickel plated, or otherwise containing silver.

A gold buyer generally wants jewelry even if it's broken because they can melt the pieces down into gold, silver, copper, and bronze bars. They can then keep the precious metals in their inventory or resell them. If you don't know if your jewelry contains any gold or silver, consider investing in a gold or silver testing kit or asking a gold buyer to evaluate your jewelry for you.

A reputable gold buyer will give you an honest appraisal of your gold jewelry. They may also give you an offer for your collection as well. Consider getting multiple appraisals so that you know what your collection is worth.

You have a variety of collectibles

Sometimes, when you sell gold, you'll find a gold buyer who doesn't just want gold to melt down. Instead, they may want the jewelry because it's collectible. If you have gold rings or other jewelry that is vintage or from a known and quality maker, a gold buyer might be willing to pay you not just for the value of your gold content, but for the collectible value of your pieces as well. A jeweler can show you what your pieces are worth both individually and as a lot, and then a gold buyer can give you a fair cash price for the broken pieces that no longer serve you well. Contact a gold buyer for more information. 

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