Need Some Cash Fast? Why You May Want To Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Whether you are religious and have a few gold rosaries sitting in your jewelry box or you just have a few pieces of gold jewelry that you have inherited from family in the past, if you don't wear it, it's not doing you any good. And because times are rough for a lot of people financially, you may be looking for some extra ways to earn some cash. Why not take that never-used jewelry of yours and turn it into some cash? Here's how. 

Look at Pawn Stores and Cash Buyers

You have two main options to choose from when you want to sell your gold jewelry: you can either take your jewelry to a pawn store or you can take it into a cash buyer. To make sure that you get the most money for your jewelry, try taking it into both of these places and ask them for a bid on how much they think they can give you. 

The tricky thing to consider about pawn shops is that you may have to repay them for the value that they give you because they are essentially set up like a loan. Unless the pawnshop can sell your gold jewelry, you will be liable to pay them back for the cash amount they gave you. 

When you sell your jewelry for cash, it's just a standard business deal and you will get cash for your jewelry right there on the spot. 

How Can You Get More Cash? 

When you are contacting gold buyers, see how they calculate how much they will pay you. A lot of gold buyers will take your existing gold jewelry and melt it down so that they can make gold bars out of it. A lot of gold buyers will buy your jewelry and offer you a price based on the overall weight of it; so if you have more gold jewelry or heavy gold jewelry, you are bound to get more money for them. However, if you only have a few small pieces of jewelry, it is still worth seeing how much they will offer you for them. 

Sometimes you need to make some extra money, but you don't necessarily want to get a second job on the side. Rather than just keeping gold jewelry that you never use, consider getting cash for gold jewelry and reach out to a cash buyer near you today. 

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