Give Colored Diamonds A Chance

The sparkle of a clear, flawless diamond is gorgeous but also expensive. As people seek out more affordable options for wedding rings and more, they often look at items with smaller stones or even jewelry without stones. However, one option that tends to be overlooked by many is the colored diamond. People have this concept of the perfect diamond as being clear or possibly a very vivid pink or blue, as you sometimes see in elite auctions. But diamonds come in a range of colors, and sometimes one of those colors, when combined with the right cut and clarity, is just what your jewelry and budget need.

Colored Diamonds Are More Common Than You May Realize

If you've ever taken a trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, you'll know that yellow and brown are two very common diamond colors. These can range from slight shadings to bright hues, and they're not flukes of nature. A bright yellow diamond that is cut well can be an affordable option in place of a "white" or clear diamond. Truly flawless yellow stones can be expensive too, but unless you and the jewelry's recipient are gemologists, you're likely to miss a lot of tiny flaws that can make a stone less expensive. In other words, you can get a stone that looks beautiful but that has some tiny imperfections that make it an affordable option.

The same goes for a nice dark brown. When the color is rich and not muddy, a brown diamond can sparkle along with the best of the rest. Fun fact: Reddish-brown diamonds are among the rarest colored diamonds available.

Diamond Jewelry Doesn't Have to Have White Stones

If you're about to buy diamond jewelry but need to find an affordable option, ask yourself if you're more interested in the look of the stone or the fact that it's a diamond. If you want that clear-stone look, you can find smaller stones, secondhand stones, or even cubic zirconia. But if you want a diamond -- a real diamond -- that isn't microscopic, then you can look at colored stones and find one that has the brilliance you desire.

Demand Does Affect Price

Yes, yellow and brown diamonds as well as other colors can be expensive. A gorgeous color, large size, and flawless structure all add up to big bucks, and all of the diamond's qualities affect its price. But so does demand. People love white diamonds, which means yellow and other colors often don't have the same number of people looking for them. That can give you an advantage as you might be able to get a larger colored stone than you would if you were looking for a white diamond.

Certainly, there are colors and shades that aren't going to appeal to you, but don't assume that you have to look for only those white diamonds you see in ads. Ask jewelers if they have other colors of diamonds available so that you can see if one of those is the piece you want.

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