Three Tips To Keep Your Rings In Great Condition

Rings can be among the more common types of jewelry that you may own. However, it can be fairly common for individuals to make mistakes when caring for these rings, and these errors may cause your ring to suffer unnecessary wear and tear. By using the following few tips, you may find that it is easier for you to keep your favorite rings safe from some of the more routine types of wear and damage that they may experience.

Control The Humidity

Corrosion can be a very serious threat to your jewelry. Unfortunately, this can be an issue that many people will overlook. However, it can be possible for your jewelry box to trap moisture, which can make conditions that are prime for corrosion to develop. Fortunately, you can help to minimize this problem by placing moisture control pads in the jewelry box. These pads are designed to remove moisture from the air inside the jewelry box, which can prevent condensation from forming. If your jewelry box does not have enough space to accommodate these pads, you can place them around it, or you may want to put a dehumidifier in the room with the jewelry box.

Prevent Scratches

Unfortunately, it can be possible for the precious stones in your jewelry to rub against the metal in the rings. When this happens, deep scratches can form, which may ruin the appearance of your favorite rings. To help you minimize the risk of this damage occurring, you should consider investing in a jewelry box that would allow you to store a single item of jewelry in each compartment. If you can not afford this type of upgrade, you can simply place each piece of jewelry in a cloth jewelry bag. These small bags are designed to hold individual pieces of jewelry, and they can be a very economical way of preventing scratches from occurring. To help you find the piece of jewelry that you are wanting, you should make sure to clearly label the bags with what they contain.

Have It Serviced By A Professional Jeweler

Over the course of time, it can be possible for the precious stones in your jewelry to come loose. Eventually, this can result in them completely falling out. This can be especially true for rings because they may be more likely to suffer damage due to the intense use your hands must endure. By having the ring serviced, you can allow a jewelry to ensure that the moon ring is as clean as possible and that the stone is held securely in place. In instances where it is discovered that the stone is loose, the jeweler may add more adhesive to it or adjust the pins that hold it in place. While these services may cost a small fee, it can help save you from having to replace a lost stone.

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